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Avengers fanfiction peter sleeping on the ceiling tony. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family - Words: 2,437 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: Jan 12 - Status: Complete - id: 14317227. The billionaire jumped when Peter's head suddenly rested on his shoulder. The hallway was upside-down as he crept along the ceiling, closely following the Black Widow as she Peter stands. A girl who has spent her whole life in labs and getting experimented on gets rescued from Hammer Industries' basement by the one and only Tony Stark and is hand delivered to SHIELD's director Nick Fury. Peter opened his eyes more "Mr. Safe House By: Zenny01. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Captain America/Steve R. ”. Tony saves Peter By: Jaybird883. "Yeah, kiddo. Just as Tony was about to head to bed, his phone began buzzing. Or five times one of the Avengers saw Tony sleeping somewhere that was not his bed, and the one time he saw them. Stark. Oh, Snap By: wedelia. Peter whispered; it seems like he's right next to Clint's ear. "Pete," Tony said exasperatedly, "Come on, bud, it's Tony. Confused at who could be calling at one thirty in the morning, but also growing steadily more concerned, he pulled the phone from his pocket and checked the caller ID. One thing he found out was that he loved high spaces in corners that people couldn't reach, so he could often be found in the upper corners of a room, far from human contact. Tony thinks that Peter can recover without problems, however, something isn't right. Tony let out a cry of panic as smoke and light enveloped the lab. All the Avengers are worried. "Yeah, that- Peter don't touch that!" Peter pulled his hand away and looked to where Tony was pointing, only seeing the gun a millisecond before it went off. Now how about you get off the ceiling. Lifting Thor's Hammer - Avengers Age of Ultron (2015) Movie CLIP HD. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Humor - Iron Man/Tony S. December 5, 2002. "You're still up?" Tony asked in slight surprise as Peter walked in and headed towards the pantry. Placing a pillow under his head and the covers over his sleeping figure, Tony smiled. Tony sighed, and laid a hand on the kid's soft head. But all his efforts seemed to be wasted. Mr. And he didn't want them to. He's healthy, and in good condition, stats already recorded. His classmates were staring at him in shock. "Mmmmm", he hummed, and his eyes slipped closed. "You're cleaning that after we finish in the lab. Movies Avengers. Stark, don't take this the wrong way, but you looked like shit when you and Happy dropped me off at Jun 22, 2019 · Third Chance By: katierosefun. "Great news, everybody. "Pete. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 6 - Words: 30,938 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 186 Movies Avengers. Peter also found that anything acidic, even lemons, burnt his mouth and throat, so he avoided those types of foods two. Tony had offered both Parkers a place to stay while they searched for this new foe, but May had turned him down. Parker/Spider-Man, T. One of his hands rested cautiously on the surface behind him as if he was prepared to climb to the promised safety of the ceiling at a moment's notice. Now Peter is on the run with some of the most wanted people on the planet. He's ready for testing. The Tony's death seemed to have hit Peter a lot as Iron Man had been there to help him to become a better Spider-Man but right now, he wanted to leave it and focus on his normal life. I'm ok Tony really. About 15 minutes later tony noticed a weight on his chest he looked down and saw peter curled onto his chest Share the Ceiling, a marvel fanfic | FanFiction. "Pete wake up bud" tony said shaking peter's shoulder lightly. Warning for a tiny bit of offensive non-PC language aim at people with learning disabilities. Dirty footprints were left behind. " Tony stopped when he noticed Peter actually was awake. The whole Avengers base was so sophisticated Peter just felt like a complete outsider, even though he was only kind of one. Worried Steve Rogers. “Coming. Rhodey let out a groan and attempted –and failed- to roll over, "Not now, Stark, 'm sleeping…". As Fury walked from room to room, he prayed that tonight they would all go the fuck to sleep. Wake up," he whispered. - Words: 8,408 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 472 - Follows Movies Avengers. "Call disconnected" The voice of JARVIS spoke up from the ceiling. Sunday. The whales huddle down in the deep. Peter Parker in the first avengers movie for timeline purposes. It is by pure miracle that Peter does not have aquaphobia. "Pete, this didn't work the last time you tried. Peter put on a grin every morning, he was kind to everyone, he helped people. Stark needs me. Yeah. "It's okay, kid. Peter's harsh reality for The Avengers By: Phillipe363. Truth or Dare. Morgan turned to look at him and saw his open eyes. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Drama - [Captain America/Steve R. "FRIDAY, turn on 'sensory overload protocol' in Peter's room," Tony whispered. Stark" peter said as he laid his head on the car window and closed his eyes. He was right above Tony and had released his hand ready to jump scare Tony when Tony spoke up. Happy thoughts, Tony. He was at Avengers HQ for a long weekend. I flinched when I felt something being put on my head. I got us a tour at SI!" She squealed. Instead he spends the day at home with his dad (Tony) and family. Whether it was because Peter just bossed Tony Stark around or because they had never heard Peter use that type of voice before he wasn't sure. 6. Instead, Peter only yanked off his goggles, threw them on the lab bench, and followed Tony Peter swallowed, and obediently tried to lay down, his tension dropping as the local anesthesia kicked in. "Uh, not really," Peter responded, "Someone changed the time on my phone and put dead flies in my bed. Yes, demanded. Thunderstorm By: andromyntra1. At the moment, Tony wished he couldn't feel emotion or physical pain, as both were assaulting his not-as-young Peter gets in trouble at school and Tony comes to rescue. And with Clint and Natasha away, there's only one person all the teens are "worried about and want to check on. Peter slowly made his way to Tony and looked at him, as if he was analyzing him. He stood up, bid the Avengers farewell, and headed to his room. Guardian: a person who guards, protects, or preserves. Tony was the next person to find Peter and Wanda on the couch together. Peter Parker was on the celling. Tony has yet to correct them. Peter stood up very quickly, arms up as he walked backwards as if he were a victim. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Words: 1,836 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 373 - Follows: 109 Oct 29, 2017 · Tony's office, where they were sitting, was undoubtedly the same size as his aunt's apartment in Queens. Heh, I was lying about being sleep deprived. "Peters heart rate is 156. Flash had tripped on his way to school, gotten embarrassed and decided to take it out on Peter. "No more churros before bed," he murmurs, nuzzling his cheek against Peter's forehead. " He shrugged and Tony gave him an unconvinced look. Or, Post-Endgame Peter goes back in time and accidentally-on-purpose gets Steve and Tony together before the initial snap happens. Then, he landed, and raised his faceplate. “I know you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. Tony motioned for Peter to go, the kid threw down a one, a seven, and then a five. Tony yawned for the fourth time in the last half hour. ~ Tony approaches the Highschool, his mind flustered. read on ao3. Tony wants to give the boy a squeeze, but the webs hold his arms back, so he slumps backwards in surrender. Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship - P. There was just one problem. Jun 16, 2018 · The mind melt By: wolfypuppypiles. Jul 6, 2019 · Peter really should have double-checked with Tony what he meant when the man said that the Accords were settled and that the rogue Avengers were coming home. Banner was talking with Steve; the conversation Aug 13, 2021 · They made a small makeshift family. He was strong for them. Peter guessed he'd picked it up from Morgan and it was what he called him now whenever he talked to her. Peter figured this was an inappropriate time to make a crack about his aging back. Happy thoughts, he told himself. When they get back to the tower, she finds a blanket draped over her. " Tony stood there, wide eyed and slack jawed as he stared up at Peter. Peter started squirming a bit before letting out a gusty, quiet cry. Tony was pretty sure it was the first time he'd ever slept anywhere but his own room in the tower. new fic just dropped about Irondad and Spiderson! Sleep-deprived Tony texts Peter and (hopefully) hilarity ensues. The sleep-talking was new, but then again, so was being around the kid while he was sleeping. Peter is apart of the superfamily. And the one time that Tony surprised Peter. He finds the class sitting in their desks watching Peter as he climbs on the ceiling. Ned was so very glad his parents were out, and not home to see a baby avenger make a mess of their kitchen. Aug 15, 2012 · Tony felt himself fall forward off the counter, out of the reach of baby Peter. Tony sighed, looking at his hands. Peter flinched as another voice met his ears in the dark. "Peter if you have any of those spiders crawling around, I'm going to kill them…. The plan was that Peter would sleep over two nights in the Commons dormitory, get as much training in over the weekend as he could, and be back in Queens to Tony dived on his friend, bouncing excitedly. Mar 3, 2024 · Clint realized pretty quickly that not only were Peter and Wanda sleeping together, but it looked like they had actually slept together. Peter Parker & Avengers Team. Tony took a few seconds to consider the pros and cons, before shrugging. In the same instance Iron Man and Captain America discover their son is Spiderman. Also on AO3. Peter was curled into his large pillow. "Peter!" Petey's sleeping. "The Avengers" Peter stated, looking at Tony with concern. (random name)just made it worse. Peter breathed out in relief as he remembered he was staying the weekend in the A sudden, violent flash of light accompanied by a sharp bang! made everyone jump. Clint is OC big brother figure. While helping Tony clear his office, Peter stumbles upon a box of fan mail. peter Parker finally gets the chance to show he isn't lying about his job at Stark Industries- a field trip to his workplace, and some avenger surprises. However, Peter has a rebuke for them along with a wakeup call, not that they will probably get it. Heck, he's wearing Spider-Man pajamas and that seals the deal. Only according to Nick Fury, he's not allowed to make any contact with anyone outside his immediate family. The day that Peter Parker fought his most important battle and lost. Walker. May's still glancing at him from the rearview mirror her face stitched in concern. "How did you - what?" Tony spluttered, looking at Peter, now wide awake. Tony turned with a smile, only for it to disappear with a shout of panic. Peter Parker never knew he had a "real" name. Bye Tony and good luck. " Movies Avengers. Peter and Tony have been together almost a year, all this time Peter managed to hide his second gender status from the Alpha who dislikes Omega's but what happens when Peter cant hide it anymore? Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Words: 1,896 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 16 - Published: Jan 12, 2020 The boy smiled up at the man and leaned against his side, not protesting in the slightest when an arm went around his shoulders and pulled him closer. " Peter was just about to throw a card down. Peter's voice was hesitant and small. "Mr. "We are definitely adding that to the rules of the house. Peace!" The feed cut again. His face was flushed and he was trembling in his sleep. A small gasped escaped Peter's lips. In which Peter and Clint have mad hangs and Tony is only slightly traumatized. This'll Tony said, standing up walking over to Peter. Tony sighs and strokes Peter's curls out of his face. Before he took out his phone to distract himself. police chases. Genius, Tony's Kid (although neither will admit to it), Spiderman, oh and did he mention he also has a one year old daughter only known by few. "Alright, alright. " Peter give a high-pitched giggle that sounded a little maniacal and twisted. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) says these words in various teasers and trailers for Avengers: Endgame, but the line takes on a . So much for an uneventful weekend. When Peter cancels on Tony one too many times the man starts to worry and realise there is much to Peter Parker he never knew. "Shh, Shh, I know. + -. The One Where Tony Sleeps By: Jenndude5. Instead whenever Peter would even get close to enjoying the blissful effects of sleep he would suddenly be there, on the battleground with Mr. " Tony says. " Tony throws open the door to Peters classroom. Knocking quietly on the widow, Peter saw Tony stirring what looks like a big pot of pasta on the stove. "Shit, fuck, something just touched my hand. “Muffins, Peter,” Aunt May calls from the kitchen. While he was blinded, Tony took the opportunity presented, and fired missile from his armour, effectively knocking the Juggernaught out. - Words: 1,333 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 241 Peter Parker & Tony Stark. Once Tony caught up with him, Tony had to catch a breath. ' Tony muttered. Tony had his own lab but whenever he started Jul 25, 2019 · The warmth of the air, hum of conversation, and his full belly were starting to make his eyes droop. Food, shower, bed. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Iron Man/Tony S. Rhodes scowled at Tony and Peter both and shook his head. What happens when Tony brings him home? Trigger warning- hints of suicide. ] Iron Man/Tony S. " "Siberia" Peter added, and Tony nearly choked on his hot cocoa. He's definitely surprised when he finds out the field trip is where he lives! Peter is Tony's biological son in this, and his real name is Peter Stark. "Hey, Pete! He finds himself spending less time sleeping with women and more time with the kid because he didn't want Peter to get neglect like Howard neglected him. Peter fell asleep almost immediately tony chuckled at his small snores. Tony moved to his head, running his fingers gently through the teen's damp hair. May 2, 2019 · Just for the purpose of trying Peter even tried using a web to hang up and side down from the ceiling, as if that had ever helped someone fall asleep. "Now let's get going before you end up going to bed at four in the morning. "Peter!" Tony yelled. "-"Hey, Tony. May 18, 2019 · Peter was laying on his bed and looking at the ceiling, he was thinking what to do now as he had given up the web slinging and decided to try and be normal. Tony Stark—the Tony Stark!—had picked him up in a shiny orange convertible just after school on Friday. "Trash Day, take two," Peter's voice could be heard behind the screen. The news news from Mrs. " He said, standing up carefully, while petting his son's back, trying to soothe the crying child. Stark!" He grabbed the vlog camera and said, "Gotta go, guys, Mr. 5 Times Peter Surprised Tony By: Irondad. He woke slowly the bright Peter opened his eyes with a gasp and began to familiarize himself with his surroundings. Peter doesn't realize that everyone thinks he's Tony's son. Stark shook his head, "Well - now - yes. The mechanic spoke Tony realising Peter is a dad By: SpideyParker0100. Peter was out cold, face even more youthful in sleep than when he was awake. "There, the spider's dead. He turned to Peter, one hand still holding the beaker over his head while the other carried a stack of spiral-bound notebooks. Tony turned back to the box the second the figure took out what looked like a stick and slammed it into Peters back. I sighed as the lights disappeared, stopping the pain behind my eyes. "No he's not. Peter hates being underground. Pfft I don't even no what sleep deprived is. Procrastinating having to get up and get dressed, Peter grabbed his phone off the bed side table, taking notice of the time and date. Tony was a commanding presence, even in pajamas, and there was no good alternative to giving up. Hydra Peter Parker. At first, it was only sniffling and Tony thought the baby might settle down on his own. "Guess I'll have to carry him," Tony sighed. hints of Peter x Gwen, set after spiderman homecoming and civil war never happened. " No spanking in this one, just a light swat. There's a very loud thunderstorm, and it's not letting any of the Avengers sleep. Virus By: wolfypuppypiles. Tony, Pepper and May worked together to coparent Peter, and, in return, Peter became the glue that held everyone together. stark" he said with a cough. Tony's ever the worrier, but he's a good daddy, at least in Peter's A/N: Written for Avengers kink meme prompt found here. "They like you," his mentor muttered into his ear. Tony shifted to pick Morgan up and sat down on the couch, his daughter in his lap. My take on this 5 plus 1 trope! Takes place after Civil War and Infinity war doesn't happen. Tim Drake & Peter Parker. Bye-bye Peter!" "Bye Rhodes!" Tony answered Peter happily waving his bye-bye's to the man even though he couldn't see it. "Nightmares. Semi AU. When a terrible accident claims the life of May Parker, Tony Stark steps up as Peter's guardian. And, oh, yeah—he also recruits a former-Air-Force-pilot-turned-galactic-hero, has lunch with The blaring alarm went off, waking Peter up. He began to climb more and made it to the ceiling. Tony can't find himself being mad at him anymore for being up, when the kid looks so adorable, hair sticking up, clutching at a blanket. " Sam suddenly said as he too jumped. Tony said with a smirk. Share the Ceiling By: takingoffmyshoes. Once tony stepped off the elevator in the common room, he glanced around the room didn't see peter. Just then, the door opened. Tony chuckled quietly and leaned down to rub Peter's shoulder gently. Suddenly, he spoke. Dick Grayson & Peter Parker. But it's not just a traumatized super-teen he'll have to worry about when he receives a transmission from Thor. He called Peter more names and teased him more about his internship and how it was fake. This was nice. " The boy still didn't wake up. It felt like interrogation. For the first time since he woke up in a cave "Tony. "Alrighty, alrighty. "I will, I promise. Tony did the same and slammed the passengers door and rushes to catch up with Peter who was already walking towards the hospital. Tony looked behind him and saw that it was the newest addition to the team – Peter Parker, or as the people of New York know him, Spider-Man. He saw the look in Loki's eyes turn from tiredness to worried, but he still didn't say a word. Before Tony could speak, Peter had put a lanyard or something on himself and got out the car wordlessly. "Can't sleep," Peter mumbled. "Happy Easter, Pete," Tony said quietly. Itsy Bitsy Spider By: WasianGal. Battlefield Medicine By: Anni Re. Peter gets his wisdom teeth out, and Tony learns how hard it is to be a parent. It wasn't the first time he'd used the nickname. Tony walked towards the couch and saw the kid on the couch barely conscious. Peter's class go on a field trip to Stark Tower, however Peter can't go. Within a few minutes of finishing his drink, he was dizzy and couldn't focus, feeling strange, as if he was dreaming rather than living in reality. Peter scrolls through the notifications on his phone. The first sign that something was wrong happened when Peter woke up an hour early from his nap. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Friendship - Captain America/Steve R. Fan Mail By: Karmitara. Spiderman flipped over the Juggernaut, who had been approaching his left side, and sprayed webs into the burly villains eyes. At least his hair grew fast. Looking through the pages, Peter realizes he might have a confession to make Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Friendship - Iron Man/Tony S. Bruce sighed and glanced over at his lab buddy whose hands flew across the keyboard as he typed. Waking up for school was the worst part of the day, almost as bad as, well, being at school. Fewer words gave his voice less time to crack and embarrass him. Nov 27, 2016 · Oh, how he hated headaches. " Sep 21, 2017 · Ned's mind was blowing a little more with each name mentioned, and he tried to contain his excitement at the knowledge that his best friend knew the Avengers personally. Peter's Field Trip By: Aquamelon008. . Peter stands hunched in the doorway. Hours later, Peter finally gave in to the call for sleep. pre infinity war, avengers still live in stark tower. "No, Ned… Stop," Peter begged the dream version of his friend. "Geez kid, slow your roll. He briefly considered slipping away while everyone was busy but paused. "Can Ned come?" Tony and Steve turned to a wide-eyed Ned. Diana (Wonder Woman) & Peter Parker. Laughing and hanging upside down the baby laughter echo throughout the room leaving Tony baffed at the sight. The shadows under his eyes indicated that sleep had been avoided for more than a few days now. He did not have nightmares, Tony had asked, nor Peter really should have listened to Tony and stayed home. Lets get you a bottle mommy has so kindly gave us before she left. He goes by the name Peter Parker though and lives at Dec 22, 2019 · Clint bodily forces Natasha to lay down and pets her head until she's lulled into a half sleep, her head on his lap, her feet in Steve's. No one had fun during the night on the Quinjet, but this they know: The Avengers take care of their own. Monthly family dinners with Happy, Rhodey, Pepper, May, Helen, Bruce, Thor, Peter and, later on, the New Avengers became a common occurrence. ". "The windows are dark in the town, child. "Tony, please tell me" Loki begged, kneeling down so he wasn't towering over him anymore. May 6, 2019 · Movies Avengers. The Guardian By: EmilyF. Peter Parker is diagnosed with cancer. Having been raised and primed by HYDRA since before his birth, he existed only to be a weapon. Clint couldn't help it he jumped slightly. Upon meeting up with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, whose back to life, they give him a new offer to join the rebuilding Avengers. Tony whispers, looking at Peter's sleeping form. It was a tradition Peter was pretty certain he could live with, as long as nobody took any-. The Iron Man suit's facemask retracted, revealing the sweat and dirt smudged face of an exhausted Tony Stark. he trailed off into sleepy mumbles, already falling back to sleep. Either he's doing extreme cardio, or he's having an attack. "Never again Thanos Everyone verbally agreed, and sat forward. "New subject, number fourteen, randomly selected today. , Hawkeye/Clint B. This time, they are joined by Peter, the three-year-old kid he and Tony adopted just over two weeks ago. Tony Stark is alive, much to his own surprise. Peter was already having a bad day. Peter flinched so violently that he ended up with his back to the wall. " Peter is kidnapped and given a strange virus, leaving Tony, Steve and Bruce to find a cure before time Peter chuckled a bit; scratching the back of his head "Was hoping you missed that part…" he said giving a smirk. A deep rooted fear of it had spiked after the building collapse almost two months ago and Peter doesn't want to go visit a stupid mine that extracts stupid gravel and stupid sand and stupid-Pete. " Rhodey," Tony whined, shaking the unresponsive body beneath him, "You have to get up! Jan 12, 2020 · Movies Avengers. There were tear tracks on his face which probably meant the poor kid cried himself to sleep. Tony had been in a lot of stressful situations, and a lot of battles, but nothing had prepared him for taking care of a superpowered teenager high on pain meds. "Hey, kid. Wisdom lost, wisdom found By: wolfypuppypiles. Midnight Mission By: stressedirondad. Technically, Loki was still an enemy to the Avengers, but as he was Thor's brother, he was family to peter. Tony threw down a five then motioned for Clint to go, Bucky a six, Steve a three, and Sam a king. After Spider-man HomeComing, Thano's fight doesn't happen and the Avengers are back together. Thank god the Avengers are there to help. " "Yes he— Oh. Sure, he wasn't an Avenger, but the others regarded Spider-Man with respect and something bordering on friendliness. Steve shot forward and caught his partner in his arms, Tony's faced buried in his muscular chest. Nick Fury looked in on all of the Avengers as they lied cozy in their beds; Thor, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, and Clint all had just lied down for the night. Feb 20, 2018 · Tony had promised that he would always do everything he could to keep Peter safe, but when the CIA came for him, there was nothing he could do. Now as he was a teenager, they were just as close if not closer. . He walked over to the boy and eased the covers out from under him. Peter moaned in his sleep, only curling up tighter before he went still again. Slamming the alarm off, Peter slowly got up. " Tony smirked at that, shaking his head, "Clint's hit you. Regardless of Tony and Steve's thoughts, Loki was there when peter was only a baby, tending to the poor child's needs when his two fathers would go and fight the bad guy's. Friday opened the window and Peter quietly crawled up towards the ceiling towards the kitchen. Tony was in the lab working on the newest prototype for the company when the baby monitor relayed Peter's cries. Barton/Hawkeye - Words: 1,065 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 250 - Follows: 92 - Published: Aug 10 It was obvious to Peter that he was definitely sleep-deprived. They had been curls a week ago, but Peter had gotten a haircut a few days ago, Tony recalled grumpily. Not wanting to stay any longer, Clint crawled off, deciding he would go try and sneak up on Natasha, who was in the training room. If anything, nearly drowning, tangled in a parachute and having Iron Man save you should make sure Peter stayed out of bodies of water, but no, the boy was psychologically unharmed. Or at least confirm which home he meant. Tony looked up at the ceiling and groaned. Oct 9, 2019 · Eventually he caved and walked towards his son's room, he opened the door a crack. May 19, 2019 · Movies Avengers. 'Oh, Peter. Tony and Peter. Instead of the quiet Saturday morning they were hoping for, Steve and Tony wake up to discover that their son, Peter, has been critically injured. , Hulk/Bruce B. He was in a large bed, comforter pushed to the end from him moving in his sleep. Peter goes missing only to reappear at school. Batman & Spiderman. Less than a minute later he was done with… whatever he had been doing. Tony breathed in a deep breath before making his way over to the elevator. They just didn't know. Peter was burning up, his temperature far higher than any normal person could survive and so, May does the only thing she can. Hurt Peter Parker. " Peter gave a sheepish smile and landed gracefully on the floor. On his next step, the suit was left behind, an empty shell without a mind or will of its own. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker, May P. He watched as Clint Barton challenged Tony Stark to see who could clear the rubble the fastest, and Dr. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,834 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 302 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 2 Peter could hear the webbing going off, but he squeezed his eyes shut when tony started pressing on the wound. "Here, Pete," I heard Tony say. Steve was already brewing coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter. Jun 3, 2019 · Tony's head whips round so fast, he's sure he's got whiplash. Tony peeked inside and saw Peter lying on top of his bed, passed out. Its naptime. Peter clenched his teeth but showed no other reaction. Stark, surprised when he felt his mentor slip an arm around his shoulders. Everyone still thinks that Peter is Tonys son. Peter Parker. "Ugh!" Tony's whine was one for the record books, much to the shock of his classmates. , Iron Man/Tony S. Peter, in all his dark hair and blue eyed adorableness, won Tony over with his intellect, and even now, Tony is coming up with new things to teach him and keep him safe. There was a desk with tech and toys stacked high, and his Spider-Man suit on top of chair. But upon realizing Peter Parker's about to go into a dangerous mission by himself, Tony isn't going to sit himself on the sidelines. " Just a lot of fluff! Set in the same universe as "How to Train Your Spider. Now," Peter demanded. "Coming right away, Mr. A life of darkness, blood, abuse, training, and missions have been all he's ever known. "Kiddo, why did you swing all the way here so They didn't know about all of the sleepless nights he spent staring at his ceiling, refusing to let sleep take him because he was scared of the nightmares. He'd managed to fall asleep on the living room couch, the result of a post-dinner food coma. " To Tony's pleasant surprise, Peter didn't argue. He leaned against Mr. Peter wakes up, and he's simultaneously five years too early and right on time. Tony embraced the solider as a silent thank you before he looked up at Peter again, still on the ceiling. >>>>. He was merely an object known only as an Asset and a number. Clint thinks Peter is Tony's son still. So of course, the one weekend he finally agrees to sleepover at the Tower, the ex-rogue Avengers were back in town. "Wait. Peter stared incredulously as the older woman handled the men as if she dealt with heroes and billionaires every day. " It felt like being five years old and admitting to wetting the bed. Keeping his mouth shut would make Tony mad. She calls Tony. Tony held up his hand in Sam and Peter's direction. Now, it wasn't just allergies he had to get used to. Clark Kent & Peter Parker. He mentally cursed his son. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Crime Peter Parker was in the last category. After Peter is injured, the rogue avengers find him. Tony internally cringed and quickly took a swig of his drink. His head was like a bowling ball and his thoughts kept slipping away like- was that a stain on the ceiling, or a shadow? It looked so weird. FRIDAY didn't respond, but the lights immediately turned dim and eventually shut off. The final battle By: Korin no Hana. He has a lot from Ned. Hidden Omega By: Ironspiidey. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 22 - Words: 25,594 - Reviews: 84 - Favs Movies Avengers. "Snuck into Osborn Lab, come weird spider bit me and well…" Peter walked to the nearest wall where he proceeded to climb up to the ceiling. His eyes closed. , Black Widow/Natasha R. Stark/Iron Man, C. Gotham City & Peter Parker. "Alright, that should help until we get you back to the compound," Peter lifted his head weakly and saw his webbing packed tightly against the wound. Tony brushed the spider off the table and squashed it without blinking an eye. Argh. " Tony said just above a whisper. Fearing the worst, he quickly answered the call. Peter Parker & Bruce Wayne. Peter maneuvered himself so he was upside looking at the figure, blood dripped onto the ground below him. "Ok thanks Mr. Looking down, Tony had to bite back a chuckle.

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